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Figs and Anjeer


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Figs or Anjeer are a royal treat packed by BB exclusively for you. The Anjeer is a dried form of the fresh fig fruit. However, understanding that you dont compromise on taste, we bring only the finest selection of fruits. These figs are high on taste and quality. 

How To Use

Anjeer or fig is used in multiple forms in cooking. It is used in middle-eastern desserts like Baklava. It is also used in one of the very famous Indian sweet called  Anjeer barfi. It is also used in delicacies like navratan korma and other rich gravies. You can serve it on top as garnish too.


Figs are best known for fighting acute constipation issues. They are a high-fibre fruit that are known for cleansing the stomach. Anjeer can be soaked overnight and then eaten in the morning for a healthy stomach. Being rich in iron and the minerals like calcium, it is suggested highly for women and children.

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