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Organic Suran Per Kg


The organic Suran is the vegetables that looks like a rock and appears tough however tastes like potatoes. It is also used as substitute to the potato. The organic surans that are available with us are completely natural and organic. They are free from pesticides and other chemicals.

NUTRITION FACT : A 100g of organic suran (jimikand) is consists of 4g dietary fibres and 18mg sodium . It also has high content of Vitamin C i.e. 20% and Vitamin A which constitutes 2%. The organic suran also contains 3% of iron and 9% of total carbohydrates .

HEALTH BENEFITS : The organic Suran is known for treating various medical conditions. It boosts the energy level and maintains the health of bones & muscles . It also improves the functioning of your digestive system and builds your immunity system .

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