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Organic Drum Stick Per Kg


Organic drumsticks are full of flavour and juicier than conventionally farmed drumsticks.

The drumstick is the fruit of the Moringa oleifera tree. It is often said to be the most nutritious plant on the face of the earth. It contains 4 times more vitamin A or beta carotene than carrots. The luscious and pulpy seeds are known to have some effect against arsenic toxicity. It is an excellent blood purifier and potent antibiotic agent; hence it helps you cure skin related infections. The green pods are known to improve bone density and thus make your bones stronger. They also promote a healthy digestive system. The pulpy pod is a healthy addition to curries and stir-fries.

NUTRITION FACTS : A 100 gm of organic drumsticks contains 234% of Vitamin A and 12% of dietary fibres. There are also traces of 14% of potassium and 4% of protein in organic drumsticks.

HEALTH BENEFITS : Organic drumsticks help in building strong bones and facilitates purification of the skin. It also eases the respiratory problems and safeguards against infections.

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