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Organic Brinjal


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Brinjal is one of the most loved vegetables. Owing to the various styles of cooking the organic brinjals (baigan/vangi/bharta) are not just delicious but also healthy. The organic brinjals are widely ordered through our website due to the quality that is supplied.

Nutrition FactsA 100 gm of an organic brinjal contains 12% of dietary fibres , 6% of potassium , and 5% of vitamin B6 .

Health BenefitsThe organic brinjals are helpful towards the health of the heart and also keep diabetes under control . The organic brinjals helps in the production of iron and also facilitates weight loss.

Recipe : Cheese and pesto eggplant 

Ingredients – Organic brinjal, cheddar cheese, olive oil, eggs, pesto sauce, sliced olives, pine nuts, garlic paste, fresh basil leaves, pepper, parmesan cheese, butter 
1. Cut the eggplant round in triangles 
2. Dip in egg wash 
3. Press on the cheese on one side
4. Layer the eggplant in casserole and top with pesto 

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