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Ivona Anti Dandruff Hair Kit

Key Features • Helps maintain dandruff protection • The advanced conditioning formula tackles dandruff head on • It is specially designed to help maintain the dandruff protection • Promotes Hair Growth • Reduces Irritation • Blend of Natural Ingredients • Reduces Itchiness and Dryness • Makes Hair Stronger • Provides Nourishment Nature is the best healer you can find and when she cannot be here for a massage in person, her blessings come with this Antidandruff hair kit from Aarogyam. The natural ingredients in this Kit only bring goodness to your hair and leave all damage behind. Anti Dandruff This Aarogyam anti dandruff kit saves you from a lot of embarrassing situations by making sure that your hair is free from dandruff and flakes. Reduces Itchiness & Dryness Dryness and itching increase when there is a lack of moisture so you can trust this Kit to spread ideal hydration and moisture to counteract dry and itchy scalps. Promote Hair Growth Right from amla to eucalyptus, all ingredients in this kit leave the pores on your scalp nourished and stimulated so that you can experience faster hair growth. Make Hair Stronger When you have a nutritious kit to tend to your hair and scalp, then you are given immense strength and nourishment so each strand stays strongly rooted and lesser hair loss occurs.

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