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Keshohills Ultra Oil 500 ml

  • Brand: Herbal Hills
  • Product Code: KS8800
  • Availability: Available
Tags: Oil
Keshohills Ultra Oil 500 ml -The selection of herbs in Keshohills Ultra oil is based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy for normal functioning and nourishing hair roots. Additionally, benefits, referalso to improving hair texture and shine. - Sesame oil is considered as the best Health tonic in Ayurveda - The active compounds in Lotus Flower palmitic acid methyl ester, has been scientifically reported to enhance melanin production, thus helping in preventing premature graying of hair. - Amla and Bhrungraj are considered as best Hair tonic providing essential nutrients to the scalp and thus helping in hair growth and preventing Hair loss. - Local application of Hair Oil helps to reduce scalp dandruff and improve scalp health Benefits : - Supports to nourish the hair roots & stimulate hair growth - Helps to delay premature graying - Acts as an excellent anti-dandruff agent

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