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Sugar Guru Powder Diabetes Harmony Blend | Natural Sugar Management Powder | Empower Your Diabetes Journey | 200g

  • Brand: Ruchiveda
  • Product Code: SUGARGURU1
  • Availability: Available

Vegetarian Diabetes Control Supplement. Harnessing 100% Plant-Based Solutions for Effective Sugar Management. Energize Your Lifestyle, Boost Activity, and Embrace Antioxidant-rich Support


  • Ideal for diabetic patients.
  • Helps manage diabetes effectively.
  • Alleviates swelling and tingling pain in hands and feet.
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Halts weight loss caused by diabetes.


  • This powder is best for diabetic patients.
  • Diabetes can be managed with this powder.
  • The swelling and tingling pain in the hands and feet will stop.
  • Keeps blood pressure under control.
  • Weight loss due to diabetes will stop.

How to use

    Every morning and evening Half a spoon of this powder with lukewarm water before meals (A free spoon is inside the box).
      Note: Take 15–20 minutes before meals.


      1. Jamun Seeds
      2. Neem Leaf
      3. Moringa
      4. Bhuiamla
      5. Fenugreek
      6. Gooseberry (amla)
      7. Bitter gourd (karela)
      8. 7 Other Ayurvedic Ingredient

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