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Daycure 3


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Good for all menstrual problems like menorrhagia (bleeding), white discharge, stomach ache etc.


Mix one teaspoon in one litre water, boil and filter. Take it in empty stomach in the morning.

Ingredients :

Malayalam Name

Botanical Name


NilappanaCurculigo Orchioides10 gm
NjerinjilTribulus Terrestris10 gm
SathavariAsparagus Racemosus10 gm
NaruneediHemidesmus Indicus10 gm
AtalotakamAdhatoda Vasica10 gm
NellikkaEmblica Officinales10 gm
AmrithuTinospora Cordifolia10 gm
AthiFicus Glomerata10 gm
PatchottiGlycosmis Pentaphylla10 gm
AmbalNymphaea Stellata10 gm

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