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Organic Radish Per Kg


Organic Radish (moola/mooli) is often used in the form of salads. Some also prefer spicing it a little and making various cuisines out of it. The organic radish are completely organic in nature and are sold only after complete quality control.

NUTRITION FACTS : A 100gm of organic radish (moola/mooli) is consists of 24% of vitamin C and 2% of calcium . There is also presence of 2% of magnesium and 1% of potassium . Carbohydrates and dietary fibres are present in the organic radish.

HEALTH BENEFITS : Organic Radishes are largely helpful in treating jaundice . Consumption of organic radish also purifies the blood . It also treats urinary disorder and reduces burning sensation in cases of inflammation. It also reduces heart disease and removes toxic of the body.

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