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Organic Guava 1 kg

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Organic Guava comes with fresh, healthy delicious natural flavors because it's grown up on an organic farm. To improve your skin texture, just start to eat a fresh organic guava. Organic guava promotes the better heart health. Enjoy the pesticides free organic guava produced in organic farms to boosts your immune system. Organic Guava is a good source of dietary fiber and potassium which promotes the countless health benefits. Buy Organic Guava Online at to taste the amazing natural flavor of pure Organic Banana.

Nutrition Facts : Are Rich In Dietary Fiber And Vitamin C, With Moderate Levels Of Folic Acid, Having A Generally Broad, Low-Calorie Profile Of Essential Nutrient.

Health Benefits : Guava Extract And Guava Leaf Tea May Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels, Healthy Heart, Relieve Painful Symptoms Of Menstruation, Benefit The Digestive System, Weight Loss, Anti-Cancer Effect, Boost Your Immunity, Good For Your Skin

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